About Getting Emergency Prepared

We live in an ever changing world, and natural and man-made disasters are part of everyday life. Families, neighborhoods and work places can never be too prepared for what may be just around the corner, and your preparedness may make the difference between perishing or surviving in a large scale disaster.

The goal of www.GetEmergencyPrepared.com is to provide people with the information necessary to become personally prepared with the supplies and knowledge necessary for themselves and their families, civic groups, churches, and neighborhoods to endure a crisis which may involve staying in-home or leaving home for up to seven days without outside assistance or services.

The information that is provided on this website does not in any way guarantee your safety or survival in any given disaster. However, if you are prepared, your chance of survival is much greater than that of someone who is not. THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO WAIT TO GET PREPARED! Getting emergency prepared is simple and you can start now!

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Port Townsend, WA
Port Townsend, Washington, downtown waterfront.

Get Emergency Prepared is licensed in the State of Washington, and is located in the beautiful Victorian seaport town of Port Townsend, located on the Olympic Peninsula.