Step by Step Personal Emergency Preparedness Course

This 8 month course is provided free of charge so that families, churches, small businesses, civic groups or neighborhood groups can prepare themselves for any unforseen disaster. It is easy to follow and easy to present to any organization or group. This course will help you to formulate a family disaster preparedness plan and will guide you to gather the emergency preparedness supplies you need for your emergency preparedness kit. THIS IS A FREE COURSE FOR ALL.

Please do the classes in the order presented. The time tested way that this really works is to do ONE class per MONTH! If you are really ambitious, move at a quicker pace, but only when you have completed the tasks for the previous class. You are welcome to print and distribute all the information provided herein, just give credit to

Each month, you are also encouraged to review different disasters which may affect your area of the country. These are all listed on the Disasters page on this website, with specific information about each natural and man-made disaster. Please print out the disaster information also, and present it with the course information when you do this class in a group.

Each class has a CLASS OVERVIEW, print this first. Refer to and print the forms and information as outlined in the Class Overview. Please feel free to make a donation (not tax deductible) of any amount if you find this to be beneficial. Thank you.

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CLASS #1 – Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan

•  Class #1 Overview
•  Class #1 Scenario
•  Disasters & Common Sense
•  Operation Hope Emergency Financial First Aid Kit Download

CLASS #2 – Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan

•  Class #2 Overview
•  Water Storage Info
•  Food Supplies
•  MRE (Meals Ready To Eat) Info
•  Canned Food Storage

CLASS #3 – First Aid Kit, Sanitation & More Water

•  Class #3 Overview
•  First Aid
•  Prescription Drugs
•  Waste & Sanitation
•  All About Water

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