Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness

Personal Emergency Preparedness must also involve Neighborhood Preparedness. If you have done all that is necessary to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency or disaster, then take the next step by helping to guide your neighbors to do what you have done and get themselves prepared. If this is all new to you, gather your neighbors and work together as a neighborhood to become prepared.

The point here is that you and your family can gather all the food, water and supplies that are necessary to help you survive a disaster. However, if you have unprepared neighbors, whose house do you think they will come to in the aftermath of a disaster? Will you be willing or able to share all of your food and supplies with your neighbors? If the answer to this is no – then now is the time to take the vital next step.

The following documents provide you with some helpful resources to use in the process of organizing your neighborhood.

•  Neighborhood Preparedness Tool Kit
•  Neighborhood Survey
•  Neighborhood Form Letter
•  Neighborhood Sign-In Sheet

This Neighborhood Organization Toolkit was created by the North Olympic Peninsula Local 2020 Group. This information is portable and can be used anywhere with only minor modifications.

The following link connects you to the Washington Military Department's highly successful “Map Your Neighborhood” program. It is advised that you use this resource and review all of their information before hosting your first neighborhood meeting.

Map Your Neighborhood. The information they provide can be a vital step towards successfully preparing your neighborhood for disasters and emergencies.

The Jefferson County, WA Department of Emergency Management has a lot of valuable resources in their online Resource Library – Extensive information about Diasters, Planning, Local Plans, Preparedness, etc.

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