Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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Hurricanes and tropical storms can be very dangerous and deadly. Before the storm arrives, move any objects that could become projectiles indoors, or secure them so they don't cause damage during the storm. Install hurricane shutters or board up windows with a minimum 5/8" thick plywood. Have your 7-day emergency kit ready with enough food, water and supplies for everyone in your family. DO NOT STAY IN A MOBILE HOME, move into another building!! If you are instructed to evacuate, then EVACUATE!! If you stay home, stay in an interior room or closet, and away from windows. Close all interior doors and secure exterior doors. DO NOT go outside during the storm!! It is better to be safe, than sorry - there is NOTHING that you can do to protect your property during the storm, so leave if authorities tell you to do so! If the eye of the storm passes over you, the wind will die, the rain can stop, the sun may shine, but this will only last for a short time - so stay inside! Listen to the TV, radio or weather radio for instructions. After the storm has passed, be very careful not to get hurt on debris, beware of downed power lines. Listen for information from authorities on your radio afterwards, and follow their instructions.

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