Nuclear Attack or Radioactive Accident

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Stay inside your home or work place, unless instructed to leave. Close windows and doors, and turn off ventilation systems. Stay near the center of the building. Listen to authorities and follow their instructions. Be very careful of what you eat and drink. For safety, eat canned food and drink bottled water. Rinse off the containers with clean water before you open them. Take Potassium Iodide in the event of radiation exposure - ONCE DAILY DOSING INFO: One 130 mg pill per day for Adults 18 and over and adolescents who are adult size (including pregnant and lactating women), One 65 mg pill (or ½ 130 mg pill) per day for children from 3 - 18 years of age, ¼ of a 130 mg pill or ½ of a 65 mg pill (32 mg) per day for babies from 1 month through 3 years of age, and 1/16 of a 65 mg pill or 1/8 of a 65 mg pill per day for infants birth through one month of age. This should be taken daily until significant exposure risk no longer exists. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFOREHAND TO MAKE SURE THAT IT IS OKAY FOR YOU TO TAKE POTASSIUM IODIDE! As with any disaster, listen to your radio or TV and FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF AUTHORIITES!!

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nuclear warning

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