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Tornadoes are spawned from thunderstorms and are rotating funnel shaped clouds whose winds can be as high as 300 mph. Tornadoes can happen anywhere in the USA. Stay tuned to local weather forecasts if there are bad storms. The National Weather Service will issue a tornado watch if weather conditions are favorable for a tornado to develop. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been spotted. Tornadoes can strike with no warning, and are very dangerous storms. If time allows, move to a storm shelter immediately if weather is favorable for tornado development. A tornado is often preceded by a dark, greenish color sky, large hail, a huge dark and often low-lying cloud, and a loud roaring freight train sound. If you don't have time to go to a designated storm shelter, then go indoors to the most interior room, or closet, in a building. DO NOT STAY IN A MOBILE HOME, move into another building!! Get under a sturdy piece of furniture, and protect your head and neck. Stay away from and DO NOT OPEN ANY WINDOWS! After the tornado is over, be very careful not to get hurt on debris, beware of downed power lines. Listen for information from authorities on your radio afterwards.

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