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NOAA (the National Oceanic at Atmospheric Administration) can issue Tsunami warnings within 15 minutes after an earthquake. If there is a Tsunami watch (which means that conditions may generate a Tsunami), keep your TV or radio on and follow instructions. Know the best evacuation route. If a Tsunami warning is issued, evacuate coastal areas immediately and move to higher ground. Wait until authorities say it is safe to return home before doing so. Find out if your home is in a Tsunami danger zone and preplan various evacuation routes. If you are visiting a coastal area where Tsunami Warning signs are posted, take time to discover the local evacuation routes. If you are ever at the beach and all the water begins to quickly suck out toward the ocean, immediately head for higher ground. If you are in a Tsunami warning area and an earthquake hits, immediately head for higher ground as soon as it is safe to do so.

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