Wildfires and Forest Fires

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Wildfires can happen anywhere, especially when dry weather conditions exist. Prepare in advance by clearing debris away from outside your home, don't stack woodpiles up against your home, and trim trees whose branches touch your house - especially evergreens. If you see a wildfire, call 911 and inform them. If a wildfire is approaching and you have time to do the following: close doors and windows, turn sprinklers on the exterior walls of your home, gather up your very important items to take with you, leave all the lights on in your home, do NOT lock your doors or windows. Take all of your pets and family members and evacuate when you are instructed to do so (your life is MORE IMPORTANT than your home or belongings - don't EVER stay if it is not safe to do so). If you get stuck and have to evacuate an approaching fire, do so IN YOUR CAR with the vents and windows closed and drive slowly. If you get stuck at home, stay indoors and wait for the wildfire to pass. If you get stuck outdoors, go to the most open location with the least amount of brush and trees you can find. Cover your face with a damp cloth to help you breathe, and cover your whole body with anything that can help shield you from the heat.

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Wild Fires

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