Winter Storms, Snow Storms and Freezing Weather

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Be prepared before the storm hits with plenty of food, water and supplies. Make sure you have cold weather clothing and blankets and an alternate heat source should the electricity go out. Prepare your home for freezes by insulating your attic, water pipes, and installing storm windows if you don't have insulated windows. During a storm, try to avoid unnecessary travel. Don't ever leave pets or livestock outside and unprotected during winter storms and freezes. Bring your pets inside and provide adequate shelter for livestock. If you must travel, make sure someone knows where you are going and the route you are taking. Travel only on main roads and make sure you have an emergency kit with plenty of food, water and warm blankets for each passenger. Bring a cell phone with you. If you get stuck in a blizzard, run your engine for only 10 minutes an hour with a window cracked slightly open - but only after you make sure that your tail pipe is clear and not stuck in a snow mound. Many people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning because their tail pipe was stuck in a snow drift in a winter storm. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless and can quickly kill. If you have oil, natural gas or propane gas heat in your home, install a Carbon Monoxide Detector, and test it often with the test button. This device could save your life.

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